I thank God every day for this wonderful place. I like it here.
I like the people who work here. Therapy department have great staff; some staff are like family, so sweet. Activity staff always involves and invites me to events and socials.
I wanted to make sure before I discharged from Grace Health and Rehabilitation today that I told my story of my stay here and express my profound gratitude, deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to every one of the staff at Grace.

I hurt my left foot in February 2019 from slipping off my tractor. Due to suffering nephropathy in my feet I am unable to feel pain. In taking care of it, I got the water too hot and I ended up burning the skin and making the wound worse. I spent some time at UVA Hospital receiving skin grafting surgery and treatment for a diabetic sore that had developed on my other foot. Then I was sent home with a home health company. Unfortunately, they did not treat the wounds properly and I ended up back at UVA. Due to the infection that had developed, I had to have a toe amputated and I had to go to a rehab center for care.

The case manager at the hospital told me that Grace Health and Rehab accepted my insurance and they could offer me a bed. It turned out to be the best decision I made! My entire stay I have been treated with the utmost respect and honor. Most of all they healed my foot and made me stronger than before I got sick. My hats off to David Mercer, nurse practitioner and wound specialist, that studied my wounds for two weeks to get them healed. I loved the therapy team, the nursing staff and the CNAs. They all always put their patients first.

This place changed my life. Not only did it help me get physically better, but it helped me realize a few things. I’ve always been a workaholic to make sure I could take care of everyone around me instead of taking care of myself. After realizing how nice it is to take care of myself, I am finally settling down and retiring to enjoy the rest of the life I have worked so hard for.

I love and appreciate all of the staff and will certainly be back to visit. Thank you all so much for everything.
Grace is a nice establishment. The nurses, CNAs and other personnel are helpful and hospitable each time I visit. There are many activities and much entertainment. Rooms are kept reasonably clean and kept up nicely.
The staff is great. Atmosphere is bright and cheerful. David Mercer, [nurse practitioner], not a doctor, but the best in all aspects of care. Yard and gardens are lovely.
I have made a lot of friends here. My family would like me to be at home, but I want to stay here.
I left work in 1996 to help with mom and dad and in 2004 my mom moved in with me. This summer she was admitted to Grace Health and Rehab of Greene [County] and I was so afraid to leave her, but the staff made her feel comfortable and cared for her. Everyone is so nice and show her they care.
The facility is very clean.
Every morning I look forward to coffee club.
I have worked here for six years. I stay here because I love the residents and the people I work with.
Viola, GHR of Greene County Team Member